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How to Make a QR code for a website ?

  1. Re: QR code for a website

    QR Codes means (quick response) codes are little black and white squiggly barcodes that usually look something like this: 

    Selecting a QR Code Generator:

    There are a lot of QR code generators available online, but a few of the post popular:




    QR Stuff

    looking for when choosing a QR code generator are whether you can track and analyze performance if it allows you to design a code that's unique to your brand and if it is compatible with common QR  code readers. 

    Desing and linking the website with the QR Code: 

    In this example http://goqr.me/ is used for generating the QR Code. 

    Put QR codes in places where scanning is easy and there's enough time for the consumer to actually scan the code. 


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