How to Create modal Pop-Up form in using

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Last updated:7/8/2018 11:34:56 PM

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Prakash nidhi Verma
Prakash nidhi Verma

How to Create modal Pop-Up form in using :

The ModalPopup create a modal popup using client-side means it's control in the AJAX Control Toolkit offers triggered on the server-side. use this below code for create model pop-up : 

<asp:Button ID='ClientButton' runat='server' Text='Launch 
 Modal Popup (Client)' />
<ajaxToolkit:ModalPopupExtender ID='mpe' runat='server'
 TargetControlId='ClientButton' PopupControlID='ModalPanel'
<asp:ScriptManager ID='asm' runat='server' />
<asp:Button ID='ServerButton' runat='server' Text='Launch Modal Popup (Server)'  
 OnClick='ServerButton_Click' />
<script type='text/javascript'> 
 var launch = false;
 function launchModal()
 launch = true;


<form id='form1' runat='server'> 
        <asp:ToolkitScriptManager ID='ToolkitScriptManager1' runat='server'>
        <asp:Button ID='Button1' runat='server' Text='fill form' />
        <asp:ModalPopupExtender ID='ModalPopupExtender1' runat='server' CancelControlID='Button2' TargetControlID='Button1' PopupControlID='Panel1'>
        <asp:Panel ID='Panel1' runat='server' CssClass='Popup' align='center' style = 'display:none'>
        <asp:Button ID='Button2' runat='server' Text='Close' />