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IDE for Python programming on Windows ??

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    Re: IDE for Python

    IDE for Python programming on Windows:

    The best IDE's list for Python is shown below : 

    1 PyCharm 

    2 Eclipse with Pydev

    3 Wing IDE

    4 Komodo IDE

    5 Eric Python IDE

    6 Sublime Text 3

    7 Anaconda (Spyder)

    # PyCharm : it's most used IDE for python.It's features: 

     Intelligent Code Editor

     Smart Code Navigation

     Fast and Safe Refactorings

     VCS, Deployment and Remote Development

     Database tools

     Python Web frameworks

     Support for scientific stack

     Interactive Python console

    # Eclipse with Pydev : which may be used in Python, Jython and IronPython development.It's features:

    Django integration 

     Code completion

     Code completion with auto import

     Type Hinting

     Code analysis

     Go to definition



    #Komodo IDE : It is another poweful IDE for Python Development and offers the following features: 

     Code Refactoring

     Go to Definition

     Code Browser

     DOM viewer

     XML Autocompletion

     Third Party Library Support

     Symbol Browser

    #Eric Python IDE: Eric is a full Python editor and IDE,written in Python.It is based on the features : 

     Unlimited number of editors

     Configurable window layout

     Configurable syntax hilighting

     Sourcecode autocompletion

     Sourcecode calltips

     Sourcecode folding

     Brace matching