Encapsulation in Oop's

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What is meaning of Encapsulation ? Please described in details of Oop's too.

  1. Re: Encapsulation in Oop's

    Encapsulation :

             This is the one of the main principle from oop's concept.it's hiding the the data and keep  synonymous. It is internal representation of an object can't be seen from outside of the object definition. 

    __(underscore) : representation for hiding data.

    Private date_A

    Special methods use by Encapsulation : 

    1- Getters : gets() 

    2- Setters : set()

    in C++ its called Public key ,in Java Private key ,in Python Protected Keywords. 

    Pseudo code: 

    Class Encapsulation (object): 

    Happy Coding :)


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