Traffics are not coming from mobile device.?

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Hi guys 

I am not getting enough traffic from mobile device compare  to the desktop.What is the issue I don't know.In a my google analytics account shows large number of traffic from desktop device but very less amount of traffic showing from mobile device.Please help me.

I would really appreciate your help.

  1. Re: Traffics are not coming from mobile device.?

    You can get traffic from mobile device with the help of AMP. AMP stands to Accelerate Mobile Page .It is very useful tool to get large amount of traffic from mobile device. 

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  1. Re: Traffics are not coming from mobile device.?

    If you are looking for mobile traffic there are several ways to get it. You should know that mobile visitors are just like regular users just that they browse differently, this is why the old fashioned way of using Google adwords for example (PPC advertising) is still a good way to go for targeted traffic. If you are looking to advertise in mobile platform you should look for admob which is Google’s advertising platform for mobile devices.

    You should know that there are other ways, some cheaper than Google to get traffic. Some traffic selling services may offer mobile traffic targeting in this case your advertisement will appear on sites offering mobile content such as games, applications and information.

    You can also find your way into advertising inside the applications or games to find the mobile visitors you are looking for.
    Facebook is one of the most used mobile application, however, for now you can’t actually advertise in Facebook. Once it opens it gates for mobile advertisements this could be the perfect cost effective solution.

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