How to create program to validation in php

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Hi guys

I am beginner in php programming.Please explain me program code to validation in php.

  1. Re: How to create program to validation in php

    Hi you can create script validation.php like this

    //connection is made with database
    $con = mysqli_connect("localhost","username",”password”, 'database name');
    //when the form is submmited it will insert the values entered by user

    //It will insert the value in database which is enterd by the user.
    $con->query("insert into user_login values('$uname','$pass','$name','$dob',$phone)");
    //client side validation
    function validate()
    //If any of the fields is left empty or null,this function will validate the fields and alerts a message to returns false,to prevent the form being submitted
                  var uname=document.forms["myForm"]["uname"].value;
                 var uname=document.forms["myForm"]["pass"].value;
                 var uname=document.forms["myForm"]["name"].value;
                 var uname=document.forms["myForm"]["phone"].value;
       if(uname == null || uname == "" )
                             alert("Username must be filled.");
                             return false;
       if (document.getElementById('year').value == 'Select')
                            alert("Please select Year");
                           return false;
      else if (document.getElementById('month').value == 'Select')
                           alert("Please select Month");
                           return false;
       else if (document.getElementById('day').value == 'Select')
                           alert("Please select Day");
                           return false;

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