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Sanjay Sharma
Sanjay Sharma

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Posted on    May-19-2016 6:17 AM

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I have created a simple form using ExtJS, my problem is I am getting problem to be sent data through POST method. I google it and tried using this code:
    name: value;
but, its not sending data or we can say that not setting the value to be sent.
Please, guide me how can I solve this issue.
Thank you.

Tarun Kumar

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Posted on    May-19-2016 8:50 AM

When you submit the form set the properties into params: , below I have provided an example:
  url : 'path_for_action',
  params : {name : value},
  success : function(form, action) {
     // do your stuff here
  failure : function(form, action) {
     // do your stuff here
I hope it will be helpful for you.

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