Extjs - getting all stores of a view.

Posted by  monica frank
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I have created a panel which has 2 grids and 4 combo boxes and every one having his own store.
Now, my problem is - is there any way to obtain all the stores using Ext.ComponentQuery or something like this Ext.StoreManager which returns all the stores of the application. I want to get stores for every specific view.

Please anyone provide me the easiest solution to do it.
Thank you.

  1. Re: Extjs - getting all stores of a view.

    if you have a component which has a store but it is not bounding using the store property, then there is posibilities of syntax errors in your code, or If you are working on basic Extjs components for example: grid or combos, you can try this:

    view.query ( "[store]").map ( function ( mycomponent ) {
       return mycomponent.getStore()