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Allen Scott

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Posted on    April-30-2016 4:27 AM

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I have included the ext-all.js file in our index page, and also in our MyCharts.js file I have included the requires file like this:
requires: [
but I have getting error like this:
c2000: Requirement had no matching files (Ext.chart.CartesianChart) ... ...
Please tell me how can I solve chart path related issue..!

Tarun Kumar

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Posted on    April-30-2016 4:45 AM

Sencha Charts are not included in the Extjs library by default.
You can use the sencha charts by uncommenting it in app.json file.
it looks like this, (search it and uncomment it):
"requires": [
that's it.
[Note: there will be only one require field so comment the another require field.]
now execute the command 'sencha app watch' in the application folder.
This works for me, I hope it will be helpful for you also.

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