How to enable page curl style in UIPageViewController in objective-c?

I want to enable page curl style in our UIPageViewController. I was trying to give animation effect like page is turning not sliding but I am not understanding how can I code for that. I google it by can't found any sufficient solution.
Please suggest me how can I do it or give me any related link.


Last updated:3/1/2016 11:51:47 PM

1 Answers

Tarun Kumar
Tarun Kumar

TO enable Page Curl style of page view controller, follow the steps:
Goto your MainStoryboard.storyboard file and select your Page View Controller,
Now goto 'Attribute Inspector' and select 'Page View Controller' tab and select 'Page Curl ' in 'Transition Style' drop down

menu. below I also provided an screen shot for help:

after doing all the above process your page curl style is now enabled.