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I have notice by looking sample code in iOS, the methods design structures instead of multiple parameters.
Why is that? As far as ease of use, I personally prefer the latter, but as far as performance goes, is there one better choice than the other?

[pencilObj drawPoint:Point3Make(7,9,20)]
[pencilObj drawPointAtX:7 Y:15 Z:25]
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    Re: Methods:Multiple parameters/structure?

    Here are following guidelines to decide parameter structure (apple does not recommend or prefer passing multiple parameters vs a structure/object):
    - Use individuals parameters or objects when it makes sense in the particular scenario.
    - Pass objects/structures when it makes sense for the method to understand many/all members of the object.
    - Pass objects/structures when you want to validate some rules on the relationship between the various members of the object. This allows you to ensure the consumer of your method constructs a valid object prior to calling your method (thus eliminating the need of the method to validate these conditions).
    - Pass individual arguments when it is clear the method makes sense and only needs certain elements rather than the entire object
    - Using a variation on your example, a paint method that takes two coordinates (X and Y) would benefit from taking a Point object rather than two variables, X and Y.
    - A method retrieveOrderByIdAndName would best be designed by taking the single id and name parameter rather than some container object.



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