ViewController's viewDidUnload method deprecated in iOS 6

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I was creating an app in iOS 6 and using viewDidUnload method, I saw a warning message that says viewDidUnload method is deprecated in iOS 6.
So, now my question is that if viewDidUnload method is deprecated then which method is used in replacement of that method.
Please help me.

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    Re: ViewController's viewDidUnload method deprecated in iOS 6

    For your question's short answer is that according to the iOS 6 viewDidUnload documentation views are no longer purged under the lowMemory conditions so viewDidUnload method is never be called.
    So there is no need assign nil of your outlet references. there is another method that is didReceiveMemoryWarning for clearing of caches, releasing of easily recreated model data,etc; So you probably dont require any code for releasing outlet references.



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