Pick image from device memory using UIImagePickerController

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I was creating an app and I want to implement functionality of camera in our app so I  using UIImagePickerController to pick image using camera and it executes successfully.
But after clicking image I am unable to browse images from our device memory,
I am new in iPhone so please help me.

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    Re: Pick image from device memory using UIImagePickerController

    Your problem is not so big so don't worry, here I am giving you the code which helps you to pick image from library:

    create an action method browseImage: and use this code

    - (IBAction)browseImage:(id)sender { 
        UIImagePickerController *picker = [[UIImagePickerController alloc]init];
        picker.delegate = self;
        picker.allowsEditing = YES;
        picker.sourceType = UIImagePickerControllerSourceTypePhotoLibrary;
        [self presentViewController:picker animated:YES completion:NULL];

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