In WebView disabling UIToolBar's Back and Forward butttons:

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I was creating a web browser using UIWebView control in iPhone, whenever I run the browser it successfully running but my problem is with its back and forward buttons that are always enable whether the page history available or not.
So I want to enable them when the page history available for back and forward buttons, in my app, I am using toolbar at the bottm side in Interface builder.
I am new in iPhone, so any one who know how to solve that problem help me...
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    Re: In WebView disabling UIToolBar's Back and Forward butttons:

    Here I provide you some code, these codes will execute whenever the user loads a page. But at first implement the UIWebViewDelegate and its method webViewDidFinishLoad:

    -(void)webViewDidFinishLoad:(UIWebView *)webView
      // Enable or disable back
      [myBackButton setEnabled:[myWebView canGoBack]];
      // Enable or disable forward
      [myForwardButton setEnabled:[myWebView canGoForward]];



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