How do we create a temporary file in iOS

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In C# we could easily create a temporary file and get its name using this function:



This function would create a file with a unique name in the temporary directory and return the full path to that file.

In the Cocoa API's, the closest thing we find is: NSTemporaryDirectory

We are missing something obvious or is there no built in way to do this?

  1. Re: How do we create a temporary file in iOS

    I created a pure Cocoa solution by way of a category on NSFileManager that uses a combination of NSTemporary() and a globally unique ID. 

    Here the header file: 

    @interface NSFileManager (TemporaryDirectory)

        -(NSString *) createTemporaryDirectory; 



    And the implementation file:

    @implementation NSFileManager (TemporaryDirectory)

    -(NSString *) createTemporaryDirectory {

        // Create a unique directory in the system temporary directory

        NSString *guid = [[NSProcessInfo processInfo] globallyUniqueString];

        NSString *path = [NSTemporaryDirectory() stringByAppendingPathComponent:guid];

        if (![self createDirectoryAtPath:path withIntermediateDirectories:NO attributes:nil error:nil]) {

                return nil;


        return path;



    This creates a temporary directory but could be easily adapted to use createFileAtPath:contents:attributes: instead of createDirectoryAtPath: to create a file instead.

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