window with the password between Views

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I'm using a storyboard with two Views. ("PasswordViewController" and "DestinationViewController")

In PasswordViewController I have a "Password" field and "OK" button.

Question: I cannot to set the "Segue" correctly from "OK" button to the "DestinationViewController". It must be opened only after the specific password, typed in the "Password" field otherwise it should n't do anything. How to do that?

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    Re: window with the password between Views

    Both approaches are easy. Here is the code for Duncan's suggestion.

     - (IBAction)okButton:(id)sender
            if (passwordTextfield.text> spaces) //or whatever condition you would like to put
               UIStoryboard*storyboard = self.storyboard;
               //You needto set below identifier (PasswordView) through your storyboard.
               PasswordViewController *passwordViewController =
                  [storyboard instantiateViewControllerWithIdentifier:@"PasswordView"];
              [self.navigationController pushViewController:passwordViewController animated:YES];

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    Re: window with the password between Views

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