How to add an aspx page in ASP.NET with code-behind?

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We have an ASP.Net application, done by a third-party, that uses third-party controls. The problem is that some of these controls don't work with anything higher than IE8. I have been asked to look into this and try to figure out a way to make them work again (the company is upgrading to IE11).

Unfortunately, the source code is not available; there are no code-behind that I can work on. And the controls are no longer supported.

One solution that I can think of is adding a new .aspx page and use inline code/javascript/code-behind to return the functionalities that are not working.

This is my question: is this feasible? Or are there any other ways that I can resolve this, short of replacing the application with a new one?

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    Re: How to add an aspx page in ASP.NET with code-behind?

    I ran into a similar problem a while ago and resolved it by decompiling the controls via a decompiler tool like .NET Reflector, making the necessary changes, recompiling and uploading back to the server.

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