Hot to escape and unescape @ in mvc?

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I am trying to make dynamic CSS import:

@foreach (string cssUrl in Model.Css)
    @@import url(@Url.Content(cssUrl));

However this does not work, the @import is escaped but @Url... should not be! What now?

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    Re: Hot to escape and unescape @ in mvc?

    You could place plain text in a <text> tag:

    @foreach (string cssUrl in Model.Css)
        <text>@@import url(</text> @Url.Content(cssUrl)<text>);</text>

    And this might work as well (haven't tried though):

    @foreach (string cssUrl in Model.Css)
        @@import url(@:@Url.Content(cssUrl));

    Note that the <text></text> tag will not be rendered.

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