Session object in mvc

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i want to save some user settings on Session object. And get it from Session if i will need it. for this reason i want to create Base Controller which another controllers are inherited from this BaseController. and want to check the session for null. if session is null then redirect to logon page. i have added.

<authentication mode="Forms">
      <forms loginUrl="~/Membership/LogOn" timeout="1" defaultUrl="~/Membership/LogOn" />

o webconfig file. after minute it redirects to LogOn page. But i know that my session wil end after 10 minutes. how i can make so that Session objects and httpContext.Request.IsAuthenticated die in same time?

and please tell me in which Event i must check session in BaseController. in OnActionExecuting?

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    Re: Session object in mvc

    i did it. 1. I have created session on Global.asax file in Session_Start() event 2. i have configured IIS so that my session will expire after (5 minute) 3. and added this section to web.config file. 

    <authentication mode="Forms">
              <forms loginUrl="~/Membership/LogOn" timeout="5" defaultUrl="~/Membership/LogOn" />

    and now httpContext.Request.IsAuthenticated will return false when session expired. because timeout both of them is 5 minutes

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