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Goti Bandu

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Posted on    October-10-2014 1:40 AM


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Is there a 'standard' way to specify that a task continuation should run on the thread from which the initial task was created?

Currently I have the code below - it is working but keeping track of the dispatcher and creating a second Action seems like unnecessary overhead.

dispatcher = Dispatcher.CurrentDispatcher;

            Task task = Task.Factory.StartNew(() =>





            Task UITask= task.ContinueWith(() =>


                dispatcher.Invoke(new Action(() =>


                    this.TextBlock1.Text = "Complete";



Kamlakar Singh
Kamlakar Singh

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Posted on    October-10-2014 1:41 AM

Call the continuation with TaskScheduler.FromCurrentSynchronizationContext():

Task UITask = task.ContinueWith(() =>


                this.TextBlock1.Text = "Complete";

            }, TaskScheduler.FromCurrentSynchronizationContext());

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