DropdownList issue in mvc?

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I am having a dropdownlist in my appliaction which I have binded through the database records but on any of the edit form I want to set the selected index of the dropdown list how shall I do that ,I am Postng my code here.

public IList GetFeedbackList()
          int feedbackId = 0;
          string feedbackName = string.Empty;
          using (var db = new brandconnectionsEntities())
            return (IList )(from s in db.BC_FeedbackBy
                              select new
                                 feedbackId =s.FeedbackById ,
                                 feedbackName=s.FeedbackBy  ,
                          .ToList ();
        //Code for returning the list
        IList allfeedbacks = _dropdownProvider.GetFeedbackList();
        ViewData["feedback_for"] = new SelectList(allfeedbacks, "feedbackId", "feedbackName");
        //In the View Page
        <%=Html.DropDownList("feedback_for", ViewData["feedback_for"] as SelectList, "--Select--", new { @class = "inputtext1" })%>

Please tell how shall I set the selected index from database.

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    Re: DropdownList issue in mvc?

    ViewData["feedback_for"] = new SelectList(allfeedbacks, "feedbackId", "feedbackName", selectedvalue);

    At least in MVC2.

    I had a problem though wich disappeared when i gave the dropdown the same name as the key. Ie.

    <%=Html.DropDownList("feedbackId", ViewData["feedback_for"] as SelectList, "--Select--", new { @class = "inputtext1" })%>

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