Restore SQL database from disc copy backup

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I have managed to drop an SQL express 2008 database, that I accessed using SQL Management studio.

I don't have a backup of the database created through Management Studio or SQL, but I do have a disc copy of my entire c: drive made prior to a machine rebuild 4 weeks ago (A previous installation of the dropped database did exist at this stage). The disc backup contains all the databases (2) and versions, that I require.

Can I restore the databases from copies of raw files form a backup disc? If so is this complicated? Which files would I need to be copy and to where?

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    Re: Restore SQL database from disc copy backup

    (if needed) re-install SQL Server (Express) - you should make sure to install the version with the Management Studio

    Copy the "raw" files (*.mdf and *.ldf) to the default data directory

    In SQL Server Management Studio (Express), in the Object Explorer, go to the Database node and right-click and pick Attach...

    Find your *.mdf file in question and select it


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