C# tool generates .res files(binary resource files)


I have a windows tool developed using C#, which is used to do testing and which generates two types of output files, one is .0 file which is equivalent to text file and another one is .res file(binary resource file).

Now i would like to import the data from these two files into Matlab to draw graphs from corresponding variables.
I can easily draw graphs from text files but i have a problem with .res files,when i try to import them to Matlab i can see data like the following:

PK  É]ÎB„ó§ÜÇ°* IJË  1.tmpÔÝ \NkÛ7þ4¨¨Th¢A*•æ¡94©”)J%Ís¦JD$%¡Œ©!C†ŒQÆBH†B*Dõ®_›

So it would be great if someone suggests how can i import data which is easily readable by Matlab as in text format, so that i can draw plots.

Last updated:3/18/2015 8:21:04 AM

2 Answers

Mahesh KK
Mahesh KK

Hi Samuel, I tried Matlab Import tool from [Select Text File Data Using Import Tool-de.mathworks.com/help/matlab/import_export/…, the data in .res files looks non numeric, import tool code replaces non-numeric strings with NaN(i can remove this piece of code), However I need a way to convert non numeric to Readable data in Matlab, the .res file contains very large data.