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I have a hidden variable in my aspx page as below.

  <input type="hidden" value="" runat="server" id="homeExcelData" filename=""/>

On click of a button, iam doing a a form.Sumbit();

Before submitting, i am setting the properties of the hidden control as below.

document.getElementById("homeExcelData").attributes["filename"] = "test.xls";





In the code behind, during postback, i can get the excelData by homeExcelData.Value which i set in the javascript.

But the value of the attribute "filename" is coming as empty string(not as null) instead of "test.xls".

Please help me to fix it.

Server side code:

 string fileName = homeExcelData.Attributes["filename"] ?? "report.xls";

  1. Re: read html attributes in

    Hi Chintoo, 

    try this:

    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


        if (!Page.IsPostBack)


            // Set attribute on page Load




    protected void btnCheckValues_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


        Response.Write( homeExcelData.Attributes["filename"].ToString());



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