building dynamic table from json serialized list object

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I'm trying to get a serialized json list via ajax and create dynamic table in a html jquery mobile page. the list comes from a sql database in code behind. I just don't know if I'm returing the json object right, and how to access it from the ajax success function.

My goal is to create dynamically a table of all the members in the html.

I created a Member class:

public class Member


    public Member()



        // TODO: Add constructor logic here



    public String fName { set; get; }

    public String lName { set; get; }


This is my function to return the member list in code behind: (written in a class that connects with the sql)

public List<Member> return_member_list()


        List<Member> member_list = new List<Member>();

        String fName;

        String lName;

        SqlConnection user_con = connect("ActConString");

        SqlCommand user_command = create_command(user_con, "select m_first_name, m_last_name from member");

        SqlDataReader rdr = user_command.ExecuteReader();

        while (rdr.Read())


            Member m1 = new Member();

            fName = Convert.ToString(rdr["m_first_name"]);

            lName = rdr["m_last_name"].ToString();

            m1.fName = fName;

            m1.lName = lName;





        return member_list;


then I use an aspx page web method to return the list serialized:


    public static String return_member_list()


        dbservices db1 = new dbservices();

        List<Member> member_list = db1.return_member_list();

       var jsonSerialiser = new JavaScriptSerializer();

        var json = jsonSerialiser.Serialize(member_list);

        return json;


and the ajax:

 $(document).ready(function () {


                type: "POST",

                url: "getdata.aspx/return_member_list",

                data: "{}",

                contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",

                dataType: "json",

                success: function (res) {

                    //this is where I need help


                error: function (res, msg, code) {

                    // log the error to the console

                    alert("The following error occured: " + msg + " " + code);

                } //error



I'd appriciate help with creating the table dynamically as well

  1. Re: building dynamic table from json serialized list object

    You need to do the success function as below

    success: function (res) {

        var parsedData = JSON.parse(res.d);

        var tableStr = "<table>";

        $.each(parsedData, function(){

            tableStr +="<tr><td>"+this.fName+"</td><td>"+this.lName+"</td></tr>";


        tableStr += "</table>";



    Assumes that you have a div with the id tableDiv


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