GridView to add HyperLink column dynamically

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We read from XML and create columns in asp gridview. Also same XML is used to create columns in a data table.

We populate that data table with desired data and bind data table to gridview using server side code.

I want to display hyperlink in gridview and not sure how to manage it. Since we are not using RowDataBound method.


foreach (XmlNode columnNode in columnNodes)


dc = new DataColumn(columnNode.Attributes["ColumnName"].Value,Type.GetType("System.String"));


boundField = new BoundField();

boundField.HeaderText = columnNode.Attributes["ColumnDisplayName"].Value;

boundField.DataField = columnNode.Attributes["ColumnName"].Value;

boundField.SortExpression = columnNode.Attributes["ColumnName"].Value;



where dc is datacolumn, dt is data table and grdView is grid view.

  1. Re: GridView to add HyperLink column dynamically

    Hi Ashish, 

    try this:

    linkField = new HyperLinkField();

    linkField.HeaderText = columnNode.Attributes["ColumnDisplayName"].Value;

    // The field you want to use as the displayed text of the hyperlink

    linkField.DataTextField = columnNode.Attributes["ColumnName"].Value;

    // The field(s) you want to use in the URL behind the hyperlink

    linkField.DataNavigateUrlFields = new string[] { columnNode.Attributes["ColumnName"].Value };

    // The formatting string for your hyperlink.  Use this to build the links the way you want them.

    linkField.DataNavigateUrlFormatString = "http://yourSiteName/links/{0}";

    linkField.SortExpression = columnNode.Attributes["ColumnName"].Value;



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