Server.MapPath in ASP.Net

Posted by  Mark Devid
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I have developed a Web Application using ASP.Net with Microsoft Access as database. Now i have connected to the database using OleDB connection. The problem is when i give the database source in Connection String Source="C:/WebApp/DB/data.mdb". The connection throws an error stating the path is invalid and there is no such file.

I tried using


which gives the path as "C:/WebApp/DB/data.mdb" but throws the same error

Colud not locate file 'C:/WebApp/DB/data.mdb'

What should be the problem, even though if it works good in loalhost when i publish it to the server using Plesk, it shows the same error stating "C:/inetpub/" not found

  1. Re: Server.MapPath in ASP.Net

    Hi Mark, 

    There might have several problems, would you please check below items:

    Check the DB folder is exists at root level of your application

    Make sure the database file data.mdb is exist uder DB folder

    Take appropriate action based on any option is missing as listed above.