Closing multiple windows form with single click

Posted by  Ankit Singh
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I want to close two forms at the same time. I have one main form that starts with program. when user click button, the main form will hide and other form will pop up. on the second form if user click "back to main " button, it should hide second form and show main form. But the problem is if user tries to close the second form it should close the main form as well. How can i close the main form as well

  1. Re: Closing multiple windows form with single click

    Hi Ankit, 

    You can try this:

    public partial class MainForm : Form


    //"Click" event of the button that should opens the second form:

    private void goToSecondForm_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


            Form2 f2 = new Form2(); //Or you can write it out of this method.

            this.Hide(); //Hides the main form.

            f2.ShowDialog(); // Shows the second form.

            this.Show(); // Shows the main form again, after closing the second form using your own button.



    public partial class Form2 : Form


        bool selfClose = false; //False shows that user closed the second form by default button and true shows that user closed it by your own button.

        //"Click" event of the button that should closes just the second form and returns user to the main form:

        private void ownCloseButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


            selfClose = true; //Means user clicked on your own button.

            this.Close(); //So the program closes the second form and runs f2_FormClosed method, but because selfClose became true here, happened nothing there and program will go back to goToSecondForm_Click method in the main form and will run this.Show() .


    //"FormClosed" event of the second form :

    //Whether user clicked on your own button or on the default one, this method will run.

    private void f2_FormClosed(object sender, FormClosedEventArgs e)


            if (!selfClose) //It means user didn't click on your own button and both of forms must be closed .

                Application.Exit(); //So the program closes all of forms (actually closes the program) and couldn't access to any other commands (including this.Show() in goToSecondForm_Click method).