Bind DataTable To Textbox UserControl

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I searched a lot for this problem but i did not find any clear post about that.

I do databinding with this command:


userControl1.DataBindings.Add( "Text",dt,"DM" );

I also put dt for datagridview datasource.

this work for usual controls but not for usercontrols.

Now the Text of the usercontrol does not change if i select different rows of datagridview and it is always empty.

I think this problem is simple.Should I use INotifyPropertyChanged?

  1. Re: Bind DataTable To Textbox UserControl

    Hi Ankit,

    simply I did this in Usercontrol :

      public override string Text
            get { return txtmoney.Text; }
                txtmoney.Text = value;

    And this to bind in my form :

    uctextbox1.DataBindings.Add( "text",DT,"DM" );

      Modified On Apr-04-2018 03:43:07 AM


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