How to get id from dropdownlist?

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I have such list

public IList<SelectListItem> ToCountryList { get; set; }

I have such line in the razor view

@Html.DropDownListFor(m => m.Filter.ToCountryId, Model.ToCountryList, string.Empty, new { style = "min-width: 100px; width:180px" })

Now i want with juery to select ToCountryId from the selected value of dropdownlist .How to get it ?

Such thing gives nothing

$("select[name='Filter.ToCountryId'] option:selected").val()

html from browser (not sure how to publush - so plain text) starts

select id="Filter_ToCountryId" name="Filter.ToCountryId" style="min-width: 100px; width:180px"

option tags with countries ends

Guys, I need an id of the record.

For example - I have a pair ID-NAME 5-USA. So i need to retrieve 5 (int)

  1. Re: How to get id from dropdownlist?

    Hi Ankita,

    Just give your dropdown a deterministic id:

        m =>m.Filter.ToCountryId,
        new { id ="myddl", style = "min-width: 100px; width:180px" }

    and then you could easily get the selected value using an id selector:


      Modified On Apr-04-2018 01:39:40 AM


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