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Read Specific textfile in streamreader

Posted by  Ashish Pandey
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I want to read many delimited files from a folder. However, the calling in the code is per one textfile only.

System.IO.StreamReader file =new System.IO.StreamReader(@"C:\Orders\OrdersForImport.txt");

I want the "OrdersForImport.txt" to be change.

my textfiles are OrdersForImport, OrdersForImport1, OrdersForImport2, OrdersForImport3, etc.

it is constant that the ".txt" extention will not be change. only the filenames will be change

  1. Re: Read Specific textfile in streamreader

    Hi Ashish,

    You'll have to run a loop and read all of them then ...

    You could do something like

    var name_array ="name1.name2.name3".Split(".");
    and then look and same the input like
    var sb = new StringBuilder();
    foreach (var entry in name_array)
       var name = entry +".txt";
       // read your file here giving the `name` to the streamreader

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