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Ankit Singh

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Posted on    October-14-2013 3:33 AM

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Is there a way in which a string "hello" can be changed into a 'hello' in java (android)?? This is to make my sql query work. For example

public Cursor GetLecture(String course_code)
    SQLiteDatabase sqldb = this.getReadableDatabase();
    String query = "SELECT * FROM Lecture WHERE course_code =" + course_code;
    Cursor C = sqldb.rawQuery(query, null);
    return C;

Hank Greenberg
Hank Greenberg

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Posted on    October-14-2013 3:53 AM

Strings are sequence of characters delimited by double quotes. You can't delimit them by single quotes. Those are for characters. This one is in Java.

In case of SQL query, to enclose your string in single quotes, you can do it like this:

String query = "SELECT * FROM Lecture WHERE course_code = '" + course_code + "'";

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