Id Generation for multiple forms using java

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Can anyone suggest if i use below code to generate id for my files, will it be unique always. As 100s forms create the form at same automatically which auto populate ids in ID textbox. So it should be thread safe and If i restart the application it should not ever repeat the id which already generated before the application stop anytime.

public static synchronized String generateIdforFile() 

     AtomicLong counter = new AtomicLong(System.currentTimeMillis()*1000);
         String val=Long.toString(counter.incrementAndGet(), 36);
    catch (Exception e)
    return val;

And forms are getting the Id  using ClassName.generateIdforFile();

  1. Re: Id Generation for multiple forms using java

    Better use a global AtomicLong starting at 0L for you entire application. Then you concatenate with CurrentTimeMillis.

    static AtomicLong counter = new AtomicLong(0L);
    public static String generateIdforFile()
        String timeString = Long.toString(System.currentTimeMillis(), 36);
        String counterString = Long.toString(counter.incrementAndGet() % 1000, 36);
        return timeString + counterString;

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