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Kate Smith
Kate Smith

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Posted on    September-28-2013 8:15 AM

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I'm trying to insert an image in a richtextbox control using C#, but so far I'm only failing.

This is the code that I am using:

DataFormats.Format _dataFormat = DataFormats.GetFormat(DataFormats.Bitmap);
Clipboard.SetImage(Image.FromFile(Application.StartupPath + @"\Images\" + i + ".bmp"));

The code is not printing any picture but any gives an error sound when executed. I have tried the same code with .bmp images, .jpg images and .png images but keep hitting a dead end.

Can anybody help me with this? Please???


Samuel Fernandes
Samuel Fernandes

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Posted on    September-28-2013 9:07 AM

You can paste below code into your code and call it: place a picture into your project to embeded resource,and call this method passing the richtextbox.

    private void createImage(Control item)
        Hashtable image = new Hashtable(1);

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