What are the advantages of Visual Studio IDE?

Why do we use Visual Studio rather than any IDE like Sublime, Notepad++ or else?
Last updated:7/6/2021 7:47:26 AM

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Ethan Karla
Ethan Karla

Visual Studio IDE is a full-featured development platform for multiple operating systems as well as the web and the cloud. It allows users to smoothly navigate the interface so they can write their code speed and accurately

Visual Studio provides the powerful debugging tool so that the developer can easily find out the populated error in the code. Through they can confidently host their application on server, knowing that they have done away with anything that could cause performance errors.

With all of these Visual Studio also serves as a testing platform as well. Through this developer can easily test their application how their application is working on target environment and ensure that they do so smoothly once they are deployed.

Beside these followings are the benefit of Visual Studio IDE :

1.) Accurate Coding : With Visual Studio, users are provided with live coding assistance regardless of the programming language they are utilizing. The Platform provides autocomplete feature for better speed while coding. The built-in-intellisense provides hints and description of APIs.

2.) Quick Debugging : Host of tools in Visual Studio IDE makes it easier to debug the code. Finding bugs and diagnose it can be a challenge for most of the developers. Visual Studio platform gives debugging support for all included languages. The process can be done locally, remotely, and in the middle of production.

3.) Rigorous Testing : Visual Studio IDE comes with the app testing platform that enables developers to make certain they are ready to deploy high-quality products. They can easily do the testing in their preferred language and test framework with limited efforts.

4.) Team Collaboration : Through Visual Studio IDE you can easily collab with your teammates in a same project. This IDE helps the developers to share, push and pull their code with their teammates.

5.) Customization Options : Visual Studio comes with the customization options to every user. They can add the functionalities as per their requirement. Like they can install the extensions and also they can download add-on in their IDE. Even developers are able to publish their own extensions.