What is the difference between Angular and backbone.js?

What is the difference between Angular and backbone.js?

Last updated:4/5/2021 3:54:11 AM

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Shrikant Mishra
Shrikant Mishra

Difference between Angular and Backbone.js

What is AngularJS?

If we talk about the AngularJS, it is a client-side JavaScript framework that allows you to organize large, client-heavy applications into something manageable.

What is Backbone.js?

And the backbone.js is a minimalistic JavaScript framework that gives structure to web applications by pulling your “truth” — your model — out of your DOM and into Backbone’s Model, Collection, and View objects.

These are some similarities between Angular and Backbone:
  • Angular and Backbone both support routing and deep linking to interact with the browser URL;
  • Angular and Backbone have a stable public API;
  • Angular and Backbone can work with Asynchronous Module Definition libraries;
  • Angular and Backbone have a dedicated plugin source to show the framework’s living ecosystem;
  • Angular and Backbone both support bower dependency management;
  • Angular and Backbone have a project generator, which lets the developer automatically set up a new project while using built-in tools.
These are differences between Angular and Backbone:
  • Ang(Angular) has integrated built-in utilities, which help to validate client input before it gets processed or sent to a server;
  • Ang(Angular) has dedicated debugging tools;
  • Ang(Angular) checks for any changes and updates the corresponding fields;
  • Ang(Angular) has a popular plugin which includes facilities to create view animations.
  • BB(Backbone) allows to integrate third party libraries well;
  • BB(Backbone) uses observables for data binding (it observes Models);
  • BB(Backbone) has a possibility to be extended in order to support models and views updating each other;
  • BB(Backbone) might work well with other template engines (more than one).