What do you understand by client-side JavaScript?

Describe about Client-side script with detailed and also with suitable images.

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Nishi Tiwari
Nishi Tiwari

The Client-side JavaScript is one of the most common form of the language. These scripts must be included in an HTML document so that the code is to be interpreted by any browser.

This meant that the web pages need not be a static HTML, but they can include programs that interact with the user, also control the browser, and dynamically create the HTML content.

Using of JavaScript client-side mechanism provides many advantages over traditional CGI server-side scripts. For example, they might use JavaScript to check whether the user has entered a valid e-mail address or not in a form field.

This JavaScript code is executed when the user submits the form, and it can only be submitted to the Web Server ,if all the entries are valid.

JavaScript can be used to trap the user-initiated events like button clicks, link navigation, and other actions which users initiates explicitly or implicitly.

What do you understand  by client-side JavaScript?

Shrikant Mishra
Shrikant Mishra

Server-side and Client-side Programming

The Server-side Programming concept :

These are the program that runs on server dealing with the generation of content of web page.

  • 1) Querying the database
  • 2) Operations over databases
  • 3) Access/Write a file on the server.
  • 4) Interact with other servers.
  • 5) The Structure of web applications.
  • 6) Process user input. For example, if user input is a text in the search box, run a search algorithm on data stored on the server, and send the results.

Some Examples

These are Programming languages for server-side programming are :

  • 1) PHP
  • 2) C++
  • 3) Java and JSP
  • 4) Python
  • 5) Ruby on Rails

The Client-side Programming :

These are the program that runs on the client machine (browser) and deals with the user interface/display and any other processing that can happen on client machine like reading/writing cookies.

  • 1) Interact with temporary storage
  • 2) Make interactive web pages
  • 3) Interact with local storage
  • 4) Sending a request for data to the server
  • 5) Send a request to the server
  • 6) work as an interface between server and user

These are the Programming languages for client-side programming :

  • 1) Javascript
  • 2) VBScript
  • 3) HTML
  • 4) CSS
  • 5) AJAX