What is scaffolding in MVC?

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Please briefly describe what is Scaffolding in asp.net MVC with a suitable example along with an image.

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    Scaffolding is the feature of ASP.NET that allows us to generate functional code rapidly and it is also known as the code generator framework also it is pre-installed in Visual Studio 2013 and higher version.

    To create basic CRUD applications in MVC, scaffolding is the best choice to reduces the amount of time and generate clean code.

    Scaffolding is a way of starting the model-view-controller (MVC) framework development of CRUD operation. The Visual Studio's MVC Scaffolding uses templates to generate the routine code which is common to all ASP.Net MVC builds, like data access and Web API and it allows the developer to only concentrate on what is unique into the application. The Scaffolding was first made popular with Ruby on Rails and has been using since now.

    What is scaffolding in MVC?

    The developers can work more productive using Scaffolding because they can describe part of the solution, the Model, and the scaffolding system which will fill in the rest from a Data Access perspective. It means that there is a lot of work that we no longer have to

     Since we are all busy and web applications have lots of moving pieces and we need to worry about their performance, security, scalability, and accessibility above on top of ensuring that it actually does what the end-user actually wants.

    The users also have very high expectations for the web applications, they expect them to be fast, engaging, interactive, and responsive and also expect them to work on everything from the smallest smartphones to wide-screen high-definition desktops. You have to jump over all of these hurdles and still finish the race in an ever-decreasing time.

    We care about the things that can be safely and reliably handle some of these complexities for us. Scaffolding does just the same. Using Scaffolding we don’t have to worry about wiring up to the database but still, we get a well-structured web application that still follows the MVC design pattern.

    The Scaffolding templates are basically used for generating code for basic CRUD operations within the ASP.NET MVC applications against the database with the help of the Entity Framework.