How to install SSL certificate on Microsoft IIS?

Installing SSL certificate on IIS.

Last updated:1/9/2020 12:24:03 AM

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Nishi Tiwari
Nishi Tiwari

  •  To create a request for certificate open the server name
  •  From action menu click create certificate request or create domain certificate
  •  Under this section provide common name ,organization etc. & click ok, under cryptography service provider specify file name and bit length
  •  Once you create request open the file copy the PEM content.
  •  Open the iis server
  •  Go to the location where you want to save SSL certificate.
  •  Open notepad and name it and paste the PEM content as.cer file extension and save type ’all files’. Then we can see our certificate.
  •   Noe select your server, go to server certificate then complete certificate request.
  •  Browse file name containing SSL certificate and chose SSL certificate file Name then give it a friendly name and click ok. Now you have server certificate.
  • You can click on site & choose bindings in right side menu.
  •  Click add, under type select https & give your host name , under SSL certificate select your certificate click ok and close.
  •  Go to your website name & then restart on right hand side and click on it. Now our site should have certificate present on https.