how to configure SQL server in google cloud?

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Last updated:1/7/2020 1:42:34 AM

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Nishi Tiwari
Nishi Tiwari

Configure the SQL Server

  •  In SQL Server 2014 Management Studio, click the Security folder for the library SQL Server instance.
  • Right-click Logins and select New login.
  •  For Login name, enter “dotnetapp”.
  •  For the Authentication method, click SQL Server Authentication.
  •  For Password, enter a password of your choice. Don't enable the Enforce password policy option.
  •  Change the Default Database to be the “bookshelf” database you previously created.
  •  In the left side of the New login dialog, click User Mapping and complete the following steps: 

a. For the bookshelf database, click the Map checkbox.

b. Under Database role membership for: bookshelf, click all of the roles except for the following:

• db_denydatareader

• db_denydatawriter

  •  To create the new database login account, click OK.
  •  The user you created is set to use SQL Server authentication so SQL Server needs to be configured to allow this authentication method. In SQL Server 2014 Management Studio right-click the Library SQL Server instance you created and select Properties.
  •  In the left-side menu of the Server Properties dialog, click Security.
  •  For the Server Authentication setting, select SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode, and then click OK.
  • To restart the SQL Server service, right-click the Library SQL Server instance and select Restart.