Bottom line of text, ignoring line height?

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I have two containers one on top of each other, the top one has a few paragraphs of text in it.

I need the bottom line of text to be 50px above the bottom container.

So i have either 50px margin bottom to the top container, or 50px top margin to the bottom container.

The problem is that its not 50px exactly from the bottom line of text because of the line height applied to the text.

Is there anyway to make text sit flush at the bottom when it reaches that point?                

Hope that makes sense... i appreciate its only minor but some clients want it specific.

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    Re: Bottom line of text, ignoring line height?

    Hi John,

    You can try setting line-height in the top container the same as its font-size

    font-size: 14px;

    line-height: 14px;



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