What is better solution for validate form TextBoxs value?

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In my system has many forms for insert and edit database registers

But before to save date in database, I need validate any camp, validate it values is empty or not, validate TextBox.Text lenght, etc...

I validated they with many many if's

if (tbName.Text.Equals("")) { }

if (tbPass.Password.Equals("")) { }

if (tbEmail.Text.Equals("")) { }

if (tbTelephone.Text.Equals("")) { }

if (tbNome.Text.Length < 4) { }

if (tbPass.Password.Length < 5) { }

if (!tbEmail.Text.Contains('@')) { }

but it is very no efficiency and I don't know any other solution for this

What solution is usual for this?

  1. Re: What is better solution for validate form TextBoxs value?

    Hi Ankita,

    This is by hand so it will have some syntax errors

    You will probably also want to implement iNotifyPropertyChanged

    Then Validation

    public Class ValidatedText 
        private string vText;
        private bool valid = true;
        Int23 maxLen = 0;
        public bool Valid
           get { return valid; }
              if (valid == value) return;
              valid = value;
        public string Vtext
           get { return vText; }
              if (vText == value) return;
              if (value.Len < 0)
                  Valid = false;
              // do additional validation here
              vText = value;
       public ValidatedText (string VText; Int32 MaxLen)
       {   vText = Vtext; maxLen - MaxLen;   }

      Modified On Mar-31-2018 01:33:19 AM


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