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Jeet Verma
Jeet Verma

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Posted on    August-19-2013 7:08 AM


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Hi Developers!

Is it possible to create HTML lists with image bullets using the clip property? I've been trying to get it to work but I can't seem to get it right. 

I would appreciate some assistance. 

Here is my initial HTML code: 

<div class="my-clip-list">


   <li class="one">One</li>

   <li class="two">Two</li>

   <li class="three">Three</li>



And my initial CSS: 

.my-clip-list {position: relative;}

.my-clip-list ul {position: absolute;}

.my-clip-list ul li {line-height: 24px; content:url([url_of_sprite]);}

.my-clip-list ul li.one {clip: rect(top right bottom left)}

.my-clip-list ul li.two {clip: rect(top right bottom left)}

.my-clip-list ul li.three {clip: rect(top right bottom left)} 

I did this but it doesn't seem to be working. Please note that I have put in the generic info for clip property, in my actual CSS I have real pixel values. This is just to illustrate what I'm doing. 

Kindly assist if you can. 


shreesh chandra shukla
shreesh chandra shukla

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Posted on    August-19-2013 8:22 AM


This is mostly correct. However, since OP is targeting the bullets, this won't work even if the li are set to absolute. He will need to use: before or :after to get this effect and disable bullets with list-style: none

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