How to catch all exceptions in Web API 2?

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I'm writing a RESTful API in Web API and I'm not sure how to handle errors effectively. I want the API to return JSON, and it needs to consist of the exact same format every single time - even on errors. Here are a couple of examples of what a successful and a failed response might look like.

    Status: 0,
    Message: "Success",
    Data: {...}
    Status: 1,
    Message: "An error occurred!",
    Data: null

If there is an exception - any exception at all, I want to return a response that is formed like the second one. What is the foolproof way to do this, so that no exceptions are left unhandled?

  1. Re: How to catch all exceptions in Web API 2?

    Implement IExceptionHandler.

    Something like:

    public class APIErrorHandler : IExceptionHandler
        public Task HandleAsync(ExceptionHandlerContext context, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
            var jsonResult= Json.Encode(new
                                        Message = new{ Message = context.Exception.Message },
                                        Status = ... // whatever,
                                        Data = ... // whatever
            context.Result= new ResponseMessageResult(new HttpResponseMessage { StatusCode = HttpStatusCode.InternalServerError, Content = new StringContent(jsonResult) });
            return Task.FromResult(0);

    and in the configuration section of WebAPI (public static void Register(HttpConfiguration config)) write:

    config.Services.Replace(typeof(IExceptionHandler), new APIErrorHandler());

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