How to Hide a table row with knockout style binding

I want to bind the display-style of a table row with knockout.js to a viewmodel property. I have to use the binding, because I want to hide or show the table row depending on other properties in my viewmodel.

Sample HTML code:

<tr data-bind="style: myProperty">

The viewModel:

this.myProperty = ko.computed(() => {
    return "{ display: none }";

But this doesn't work. The property is entered after loading the page, but the table row is still displayed. Is there another way to do this or did I forgot something?


Last updated:1/6/2015 10:58:34 PM

1 Answers

Anonymous User
Anonymous User

You should use 'visible' binding instead. More details here

Your example may looks like:

<tr data-bind='visible: myProperty'>