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Hank Greenberg
Hank Greenberg

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Posted on    July-09-2013 3:14 AM


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Hi Mindstickians,

I want to insert a record from first query i means the rows make then with seconds query to insert. can some one help me please

if ( isset($_GET['del']) ) {
    $id = $_GET['del'];
    $result = mysqli_query($con,"SELECT * FROM products WHERE id='$id'");
    while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result))
        echo $row['username'] . " " . $row['size'];
        echo "<br>";
    $sql_move = mysqli_query($con,"INSERT INTO history (username, serial, image,   arrive,size)");
    $sql = mysqli_query($con,"DELETE FROM products WHERE id='$id'");
    echo "its deleted";

Thanks in advance.


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Posted on    July-09-2013 4:40 AM

Try as following!

First of all, you're trying to access $row from outside the loop, where it doesn't exist. Put the insert/delete lines in the loop, and then proceed.

Second, you're not inserting the values.

$sql_move = mysqli_query($con, "INSERT INTO history (username, serial, image,   arrive,size) VALUES ('{$row['username']}', '{$row['serial']}', '{$row['image']}', '{$row['arrive']}', '{$row['size']}'");

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