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Allen Scott

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Posted on    November-13-2014 12:24 AM

 Java Variable 

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As we know variables are of different data types, but which data type are their names of?
As it seems they are String, but if they are String then this should be allowed:

int i=6;

String [] arr+i;

...as we can add an int to a String.
So if these are not String then what are they?
And if we want to create variable names dynamically how can we create it? By dynamically I mean whenever the user clicks on a specific JComponent, a new variable is created, like:

int i=0;

//on first click

String str+i; ///str0


///on 2nd click

String str+i;   ////str1


How can I do it?

Kamlakar Singh
Kamlakar Singh

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Posted on    November-13-2014 3:37 AM

You can not create dynamic variables in Java because Java isn't a scripting language. YOu need to create variables in source code. But Java provides other ways to do this. You can use arrays or Map<String, String> etc for this purpose.

Map<String, String> map= new HashMap<>();

int i=0;

while(true) {

// you can use whatever condition you need

    details.put("key" + i, "val: "+i);


// some condition to break the loop


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