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Ankit Singh

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Posted on    June-20-2013 3:51 AM


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Any help on above is really appreciated.

I have an XPage with a custom control ccxGrid. In this custom control, it calls another XPage that builds a JSON string that in turn populates the table on the main XPage. My issue is that when the page is refreshed the same documents are added to the table again and again. Is there a way to check if the document is already in the table to not add it? Thanks in advance.


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Posted on    June-20-2013 7:55 AM


Here's an answer based on my comment above. Use a viewScope variable that you set initially and check on every build of the JSON string:

if (!viewScope.alreadyHandled) {
    viewScope.alreadyHandled = true;

    // Do your JSON string processing

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