Attribute substring selectors

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What is Attribute Substring selectors in css and how to use this? Any idea! I'm waiting your response.

Thanks in advance. 

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    Re: Attribute substring selectors

    Matches the specified substring of an attribute value

    Note  Attribute selectors are not supported in webpages that are displayed in the Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 document mode (also known as "Quirks" mode). To use attribute selectors, add a !DOCTYPE directive that specifies a standard-based document. For more information, see Defining Document Compatibility. 

    <!DOCTYPE html>
        <style type="text/css">
          .test        { display:none; }
          [attr*="ai"] { display:block; }
        <div class="test" attr="Contains">Test for [*=] (Substring) succeeded.</div>

      Modified On Mar-30-2018 03:58:12 AM