How many types of HTML Helpers in MVC ?

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Types of HTML Helpers in MVC

  1. Re: How many types of HTML Helpers in MVC ?

    HTML Helpers are categorized into three types:

    1. Inline HTML Helpers
    2. Built-in HTML Helpers
    3. Custom HTML Helpers

    Here, we will describe to Built-In HTML Helpers. We will see Inline and Custom HTML Helpers in the up coming article of this series.

    Built-in HTML Helpers are further divided into three categories:

    1. Standard HTML Helpers
    2. Strongly Typed HTML Helpers
    3. Templated HTML Helpers
    If we say this in a few words, which is as follows -

    The following is the list of Html Helper controls.
    • Html.Beginform
    • Html.EndForm
    • Html.Label
    • Html.TextBox
    • Html.TextArea
    • Html.Password
    • Html.DropDownList
    • Html.CheckBox
    • Html.RedioButton
    • Html.ListBox
    • Html.Hidden
    Below are Strongly Type Html Helper methods, this will allow us to check compile-time errors. We get the Model's Property intelligence at Runtime.
    • Html.LabelFor
    • Html.TextBoxFor
    • Html.TextAreaFor
    • Html.DropDownListFor
    • Html.CheckBoxFor
    • Html.RadioButtonFor
    • Html.ListBoxFor
    • Html.HiddenFor

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